This video series will teach practical lessons based on how I make money as a fine art photographer

Designed for beginners or early career artists, each video will cover practical, in-depth, real world practices that have worked for me and could help you earn money with your fine art photographs. I’ll also tell you what didn’t work for me, so you can learn from my many mistakes and failures.

Coming Soon!

What the series WILL COVER:

  • How to establish your photographic style
  • Your personal brand
  • Business practices and financial realities
  • Building portfolios
  • Ways I use SEO (tips and tricks even if you can’t understand Search Engine Optimization)
  • How to select a host and build a professional website
  • Marketing yourself, with special emphasis on social media
  • Print sales and other sources of potential income

Because this is a series designed to help fine art photographers earn income with their work, it will not cover these unrelated topics.

What the series WILL NOT COVER:

  • Photographic techniques
  • Photo software tutorials
  • Photo gear
  • Commercial work: weddings, portraits, or editorial photography
  • Website coding

IMPORTANT: These videos will explain what I have done that has earned income for me from my photography. This is not a promise or guarantee that you will earn money based on my advice. Everyone’s work and circumstances will vary.