Keith Dotson’s Podcast About Fine Art Photography

Keith Dotson fine art photography podcast
Keith Dotson fine art photography podcast

My podcast about fine art photography includes news, history, ideas, and commentary from the world of photography. All episodes will be published on this page, or you can listen on your favorite podcast channel. Book mark this page and return regularly. Every episode will be listed below.

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List of Keith Dotson fine art photography podcasts

Episode 27: Big News! A New Movie in Theaters — About a Photographer!

Episode 26: How to Prevent Fog on Your Camera Lens

Episode 25: Harry Callahan Color Photographs Virtual Exhibition at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta

Episode 24: Daguerreotypes: How Fragile Are They?

Episode 23: Southworth & Hawes: America’s Early Masters of the Daguerreotype Portrait

Episode 22: What Makes a Great Black and White Photograph?

Episode 21: Learn How to Really Look at Photographs

Episode 20: About “The Mountain Nymph, Sweet Liberty,” a Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron Taken in 1866

Episode 19: What It’s Like to See the World’s Oldest Photograph in Person

Episode 18: On Location — Landscape Photography at a Cave Once Used by Moonshiners

Episode 17: Pareidolia — Why We See Human Faces in Clouds, Rocks, Tree Bark, on the Moon, and even Mars

Episode 16: Quick Message to Listeners – The Channel is Growing + I Need Your Story Ideas!

Episode 15: Photographing an Abandoned Ghost Town in Virginia — The Art and Business of Photo Road Trips

Episode 14: Anna Atkins: England’s Blue Lady of Photography

Episode 13: The Aesthetic Appeal of Camera Shutter Sounds

Episode 12: Note to Self: Don’t Perfect the Soul Out of Your Photographs

Episode 11: The Extraordinary (but Sad) Life of Carleton Watkins, the First Great Photographer of Yosemite

Episode 10: How I Got My Photographs into Movies and TV Shows Like Grey’s Anatomy

Episode 9: The True Story Behind William Eggleston’s Shocking Blood Red Photograph

Episode 8: Supreme Court Decision: You Can’t Sue a State if it Uses Your Copyrighted Photographs and Videos Without Permission

Episode 7: Paper, Prints, and Permanence

Episode 6: Why Do Those Crazy Landscape Photographers Always Get Up So Early?

Episode 5: Did You Know it’s Illegal to Possess Most Bird Feathers in the U.S.?

Episode 4: Special Episode — Is Photography Art?

Episode 3: What do Quentin Tarantino and French President Macron have in common with a dung beetle?

Episode 2: We Rock On with Rolling Stone Magazine’s first photographer, Baron Wolman

Episode 1: I Researched an Old Photo from and Antique Store and Found a Crazy, Unexpected Personal Connection