Entertainment Website Monsters and Critics Shares my Blog Post about Southern ‘Haints’

Entertainment Website Monsters and Critics Shares my Blog Post about Southern ‘Haints’

Traffic to my most-popular blog post is coming from a summary of an episode of TV show ‘Swamp People’

Entertainment website Monster & Critics has linked to my blog post about southern haints, which is already the most popular page on my main website here. Upon checking my website analytics, I realized I was receiving web traffic to my website from an unfamiliar site. With a little digging, I realized my article about southern haints (a particular kind of ghost) had been linked from an article about the TV show “Swamp People.”

Apparently Monsters & Critics provides episode summaries, and in this episode there’s a reference to haints. You can find the link in their article about three-quarters to the bottom, with the word “haints” linked in a bold, blue font. That link leads to my own post about southern haints, which is by far the most popular and commented post on my main website. The full text of that paragraph says, “Terral looks like he sees some “haints” and is not digging the area and is totally spooked. One big gator is playing possum with them. They make sure he’s a dunner.

Why does a photographer write about haints?

One might ask, “why would a fine art photographer’s most popular blog post be on the topic of southern haints?”

The truth is, I wrote that blog post as a way of promoting my own photographs of places around the south that have a reputation of being haunted. Somewhere online, I encountered a story that discussed the use of haint blue paint on porches in Charleston, and how the paint is believed to keep away a particular regional variety of evil spirits called haints. The idea seemed like an entertaining way to promote my own black and white photographs.

Originally published in August 2017, the blog post has been updated and expanded several times as I uncover more information about haints and their origins within the Gullah-Geechee community. It seems to be one of the top Google results for anyone searching for the word haint. I have expected the popularity of the story to wane over time, but rather it just keeps going and going.

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