Exploring an aqua green Rocket 88 automobile in a junkyard [Video]

Exploring an aqua green Rocket 88 automobile in a junkyard [Video]

America’s first muscle car which inspired America’s first rock n’ roll song

Video of a rusty old Rocket 88 automobile

In this video we look at the remains of an aqua green Oldsmobile 88, known as the Rocket 88 because of its big Rocket V-8 engine.

Manufacturing began in 1949, and I think this is a 1951 model — somebody correct me in comments if I’m wrong. The combination of light body and huge engine made this one of the fastest cars in America at the time — in fact many people consider it to be the first muscle car.

And oddly enough, this car inspired what is widely also thought to be the first rock n roll song too — “Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston. You can watch that video below. It will get you moving!

Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston: the first rock n roll song, which was inspired by the first American muscle car.

Fine art photographs of rusty antique cars

You’ll find a lot of black and white photographs of rusty old cars on my website (screen shot below). These old automobiles in various states of decay are a favorite subject not only because of the nostalgia factor, but also because they have so much character and texture.

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