Fine art photograph of a tiny dead flower in black and white

Fine art photograph of a tiny dead flower in black and white

Flowers are ethereal, but this tiny bloom has been captured for posterity

Flowers are a classic photography subject. Masterpieces of floral photography have been created by photographers as diverse as Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Imogen Cunningham, and Karl Blossfeldt. While their styles and images were very different, these genius artists all had one thing in common — they photographed living blooms. My preference is to photograph flowers in decline, after age has replaced their luster and vividness with character and texture.

My“Dead Flowers” portfolio is one of the most popular on my website, so it’s exciting for me to add a new image.

This blossom isn’t much larger than a dime. Imagine how magnificent this image would look 60 inches tall, framed, hanging on a wall. I love the fact that, while this flower may be gone, it could be immortalized much larger-than-life for decades to come.

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Detail crop of the photograph, illustrating the fuzzy stem of the small flower

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