Holiday gift guides for landscape photographers

Holiday gift guides for landscape photographers

Welcome to these holiday gift guides for landscape photographers, curated by a professional landscape photographer

Do you have a keen outdoors or landscape photographer on your holiday gift list? Check out my Amazon gift guides for landscape photographers. I’m a professional landscape photographer and I use a lot of this gear myself, and some of it I want to use in the near future. To learn more about me, visit my main website here.

Photography Gear

This list includes everything from film and lens filters to backpacks and tripods.

Foggy tree landscape, contact print from original 120mm medium format negative

Printing Supplies

Materials for making homemade cyanotypes, UV protective spray, and more.

Don't forget your tick protection, if you plan to go hiking. I use a Repel product. Amazon carries a similar one. Click to go there.

Outdoors Gear

Landscape photographers are often passionate about camping, hiking, and other outdoors activities. This collection includes survival knives, fire steels, tick and mosquito spray, and snake-proof boots.

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