Landscape Photography: Moody Morning at Russell Cave [VIDEO]

Landscape Photography: Moody Morning at Russell Cave [VIDEO]

A soundtrack of low-rumbling thunder and fog in the cave causes the imagination to run wild

This is my second visit to Russell Cave, Alabama, in just a few months’ time. This ancient place is magnetic to me. This location was occupied by ancient peoples for up to 10,000 years. Human remains dated to 8,500 years ago were found here. On a moody morning like this, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild and feel the spirits of ancient Native Americans around you.

In this short video, the weather is much different that my first visit ( see that video here ). Whereas before, it was lively, sunny, breezy with lots of bird sounds, this time it was still, moody, with a fog emanating from the mouth of the cave, and thunder rumbling low in the background. Very evocative!

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Video of my visit to Russell Cave

Moody morning visit to a cave that was used as a shelter by Native Americans for nearly 10,000 years

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