Walking Around the Old 1880s Greeter Homeplace in Tennessee

Walking Around the Old 1880s Greeter Homeplace in Tennessee

The Greeter family lived and operated a sawmill near Greeter Falls in the countryside now a part of the Savage Gulf Wilderness Area in the South Cumberland of Tennessee

This is the site of an old homestead that once existed here, now called the Greeter Homeplace. It was established in the 1880s or early 1890s by the Greeter family. The Greeters were from Switzerland, and spent some time in Brooklyn, N.Y. before coming to Tennessee.

The old man they call “Grandfather Greeter” learned to be a blacksmith and a casket maker. To keep himself supplied with lumber, he converted an old grist mill that was located down on the river into a lumber mill. The mill was washed away by floodwaters a long time ago.

I practically bathed in insect spray before starting this hike, and mosquitoes were swarming all around me. I don’t know how the old timers managed it. 

The Greeter Homeplace is in the woods at Savage Gulf in the South Cumberland area. It’s a 15,000+ acre wilderness area with at least 25 hiking trails ranging from moderate to intermediate to strenuous to difficult. You can hike a mile or more than 20 miles.

All Tennessee State parks are free of charge to everyone.

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