How Dangerous are America’s National Parks?

How Dangerous are America’s National Parks?

New study by Outforia lists the U.S. most dangerous national parks

Stats and infographics in this post are used with permission. See the full Outforia report here.

As a landscape photographer, I spend a lot of time in parks of all kinds, including national parks. I love a good hike in a beautiful place, but I’m not an extreme outdoorsman nor do I care to stand on a high precipice to capture a risky selfie. My interest is primarily enjoying the outdoors and capturing photographs.

Still, it’s interesting to see where the riskiest parks are and what happens to people there. I live only a few hours from the Great Smoky Mountains, and I am surprised to see it so high on the list of risky parks (number 3). But, according to the report, the major risk in the Smokys is car crash.

Deaths from wild animals are pretty low, but bizarrely, several national parks have reported death by poisoning.

These infographics provided by Outforia show the top three most dangerous parks, and the top three causes of death.
New report ranks America's National Parks in order of danger.
Guy on the edge: I shot this photograph of a hiker sitting on a dangerously precarious ledge at the Grand Canyon, which is number one on the list of most dangerous parks. According to the Outforia report, 27 people have died from falls in the Grand Canyon since 2010. More die from heat-related causes. Buy a print of this photograph here.
View of the Smoky Mountains across Cades Cove. Car accidents are the leading danger in America's most heavily visited national park.
View of the Smoky Mountains across Cades Cove. Car accidents are the leading danger in America’s most heavily visited national park. Buy a fine art print.

National parks ranked by level of danger

Danger Parks Infographic by Outforia

Be safe out there! The National Park Service provides a health and safety guide for visitors here. You can also begin with trip planning here.

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