Riverlore Mansion in Cairo, Illinois has Been Sold

Riverlore Mansion in Cairo, Illinois has Been Sold

An Illinois couple will convert the stately old house to a bed and breakfast

When I traveled to Cairo a few years ago, it was to shoot the abundant quantities of abandoned and collapsing buildings. Riverlore was a pleasant accidental discovery. I didn’t know anything about it at the time, other than the information posted on the brick pediments of the gate.

I made a few photographs in the less-than-desirable lighting conditions I was given, and the image below has since come to be by far my most popular image on Pinterest. Someone on Facebook remarked that the house resembles the old house from the 60s TV show The Munsters. Maybe that’s part of its appeal?

Now comes the news that the old house has been sold.

The buyers seem to feel their business is part of a turnaround for the struggling city of Cairo. I hope they’re right. As much as I enjoyed seeing and photographing the extensive ruins of Cairo, I would prefer the town be saved along with at least some of its historic architecture.

Some background on what happened to Cairo can be found here

Cover of photographer Keith Dotson's book "Unloved and Forgotten: Fine Art Photographs of Abandoned Places"

There are other photographs of Cairo in my new book Unloved and Forgotten: Fine Art Photographs of Abandoned Places, now available on Amazon.

Fine art black and white photograph of Riverlore Mansion by Keith Dotson

Riverlore mansion in Cairo Illinois has been sold
Riverlore Mansion Cairo, Illinois (A0020768), a black and white photograph by Keith Dotson. Click to buy a fine art print.

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