Podcast Episode: A Field Recording of the Sounds of the Forest on a Rainy Day

Podcast Episode: A Field Recording of the Sounds of the Forest on a Rainy Day

New Episode of the Fine Art Photography Podcast: Audio recording of rain and birdsongs in the forest

In the latest episode, we feature a soothing field recording of the sounds of the forest during a late winter rain shower, with one twist: there’s an abandoned wrecked car from the 1950s on the location.

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Full transcript of this episode of the Fine Art Photography Podcast

In this episode, audio recordings of the sounds of raindrops and birds in the woods, at the site of a 70 year old wrecked car


Hey everybody welcome back to another episode of the Fine Art Photography Podcast.

In this episode, I have returned to the same location I’ve been to twice before. If you watch my YouTube channel, you may have seen this place. It’s in the forest on the slope of a hill, where a 1953 Plymouth has rolled down the hill and crashed into a large tree — probably in the late 1950s.

There, the rusty old car still remains, crumpled in front, interior long ago stripped away and parts of it scattered across the forest floor. It’s been here long enough that trees have grown up behind it. This is the south, so of course there are a few bullet holes in the metal.

I discussed this place in detail on YouTube and on my blog, so I won’t get into the background here. Instead, being present in this place, on a wonderfully atmospheric late winter day, with no one else around except my significant other and adventure buddy Teena, I stopped making photographs and instead just paused, standing quiet and still, to let the ambience of the moment wash over me.

I encourage you to close your eyes. Wear headphones if you have them. You’ll hear the sounds of raindrops falling onto leaves on the forest floor. The occasional sound of an empty barrel is caused by the impact of big droplets that have collected on the trees overhead, falling hard onto the hollow round roof of the old Plymouth. 

Thanks for listening. I’ll talk to you again real soon.

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