Abandoned Enterprise Cotton Mill in Coleridge, North Carolina

Abandoned Enterprise Cotton Mill in Coleridge, North Carolina

Join fine art photographer Keith Dotson on location at an abandoned cotton mill in the mountains of North Carolina

In this video, we go on location at the old Enterprise Cotton Mill along the Deep River in Coleridge, North Carolina.

The location includes a separate company store for employees at the mill, built in 1910.
After the mill closed, this remained in business under a few different owners as a store.

I found the National Register of Historic Places application online, and it’s chock full of information, and of course it includes photos of the store. These were made in 1975, and there were gas pumps in front at the time.

There was a wooden mill here that was torn down and replaced with this big tudor-influenced brick building in the 1920s.

At its height, the mill employed 150 people making textiles or yarn. It took a steep decline and closed in the 1950s. The building was used as a warehouse after that.

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